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The Task:

Barclay Components is a Company that provides high end electronic components and therefore required a web design that wasn’t your typical “wires and guts” website. Starting with the logo Design, Design Ninjaz crafted a classy yet functional logo that represents the elements of the industry. The same was required of the website. The Ninjaz went about creating a very clean, uncluttered site that conveys organization and a sense of professionalism built on a responsive web design framework which provides optimal user-experience across any device (desktop, tablet or mobile) and any screen size. With open light spaces and bold fonts the calm sense of a solid, reliable company is revealed.


The Client:

Barclay Components distributes board level components and military/aerospace grade hardware to major contract manufacturers including the department of defense.


Chris is the CEO & Founder of Design Ninjaz. He is a father, husband and a tech & design addict. A Florida native who has over 15 years experience in the graphic design, printing and webdesign industry’s.

Barclay Components

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