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7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Strong Brand

When you think of branding, you probably think of big-name businesses: Coca-Cola. Ford. Nike. Apple. (Especially Apple.)

For this reason, some small- to mid-sized businesses believe that branding “isn’t for them.” Either because they’re too small or that their customer base is too targeted for it to matter. This kind of thinking is wrong-headed and likely stems from a simple lack of understanding.

If you asked a small- to mid-sized business owner if they thought marketing was important, they’d probably agree. Branding is, at its core, a form of marketing—in fact, one could argue that the primary purpose of branding is to make the results of your marketing stronger and longer-lasting.

Additionally—just like Coca Cola or Ford—most small businesses have competition. Branding gives you the opportunity to show how you’re different and better than the competition. If your competitors aren’t doing any branding and you are, it’s not hard to imagine that you’d win some professional points when potential customers are comparing your services.

The reality is that branding is useful for any kind of business, big or small. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most compelling reasons small businesses are suffering a serious opportunity cost by skipping this important marketing strategy:

#1 – To Stand Out, Increase Credibility, and Show That You’re An Established Business

Branding gives you a uniform look and feel across all of your marketing materials. For example, a memorable logo can give you an edge when your competitors either don’t have one or have something that’s been poorly designed. But more than simple uniformity, branding shows that you’re an established business—you’re not a fly-by-night company “testing the waters,” you’re here to stay.

By showing that you’re professional, standing out from the competition, and that you’re an established business, you give your clients a sense of permanence and stability. “Well, these guys cost a bit more,” they might think, “But I think they’ll do a better job.” Without branding, that’s a coin toss you might have lost.


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#2 – Branding Can Help Explain Your Small Business

Sometimes as a small business owner you find yourself in a great niche within a growing industry. You know what you do and why it’s important, but, well, sometimes your potential customers might not. For those operating in non-traditional verticals or emerging sectors, branding is the best way to explain who you are, what you do, and why you’re importan

#3 – Branding Adds Value to Your Company

Assuming that you have even a passing interest in getting VC funding or, even later down the line, selling your business, branding is going to make both of those goals significantly easier. A well-branded business is more attractive to investors and buyers alike, since you’ll be selling more than just a “black book,” you’ll be selling an established community fixture.

#4 – Your Customers and Potential Customers Will Remember You

Have you ever had this experience: you need a product or service, and you just know you heard of someone that offered it… but you have no clue who they are or how to find them?

They might have had the best product in the world, but what they didn’t have was good branding. If they did, you would have remembered them.

Don’t put your potential customers in that same position—the more memorable you are through your branding efforts, the more likely that they’ll come to you when the time is right, even if that’s years down the road.

#5 – Branding Helps Your Staff Understand Your Vision

It might sound a little silly or superfluous at first glance, but branding has in-house benefits that are worth mentioning. A large part of branding is to discover your vision, goals, and overall reason for… well, existing. When your employees and staff have a solid understanding of where you’re going, they’ll be more inspired to follow you there.

Furthermore, do you remember that whole thing about stability making your small business more attractive to customers? It does the same thing for employees. When a staff member knows you’re here to stay, they’re more likely to hang around too.


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#6 – Recommendations and Referrals Will Come More Easily

Nobody wants to refer a business when they have to start out by saying to their family or friends, “Well, these guys don’t look like it, but I swear they do a really good job.”

Branding helps your existing customers more proudly send you referrals—you have a professional presentation, so they know whoever they tell about you will be impressed.

#7 – Your Overall Marketing Is Improved

Small business branding helps you to solidify the vision you have for your business. Once you’ve done this, the rest of your marketing efforts come easily—you know what does and what does not fit into your vision, with the latter arguably being more important.

Are you compelled to learn more about how great branding can transform your small to mid-size business? Let us know how we can help you stand out from the crowd.

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