Logo Design & Branding

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Whether your company needs a new Branding Solution or or a updated Visual Identity, our experienced Ninjaz will guide you through our proven process with industry-specific expertise.

At Design Ninjaz, we work closely with your team to cultivate a compelling logo and brand. We approach every project with a unique combination of strategy and imagination – delivering a brand with the strength to withstand pushy markets and the flexibility to last over time.


Our methodology includes a creative, systematic approach that implements your specific brand strategy into every design. We seek to understand your customers to come up with a brand identity that connects with them on a real life, emotional level.


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Logo Design & Small Business Branding Design for Franklin Car Care in Tampa Florida
Logo Development

We understand the challenges you can face creating a logo. Your logo has to speak uniquely and enthusiastically for your product or service while fitting appropriately within the marketplace.

Brand Strategy

A strong branding strategy will create a positive emotional response within its target market. Being able to create a positive emotional association between your target market and business will ultimately determine your success.

Identity Standards

When it comes to building brands, consistent representation and delivery is paramount. We guide our clients toward a powerful identity system that communicates distinctiveness and stability.


The Company:


A tour DJ that offers club, mobile/private events, mixtape hosting/mixing, and event marketing.

The Task:

DJ Ku Rx approached Design Ninjaz looking for an icon style logo with a complete branding campaign that can tie together his Social Media, Clothing, and Album art work. He challenged us to create a fresh look that can mesh with a urban, hip hop style but still has an easy transition to other markets.


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