Facebook Advertising

Your brand’s biggest supporters already spend their time on Facebook. It’s time to reach them where they engage and interact the most!

Facebook Advertising Benefits

Each month, over 1 billion people sign on to Facebook, and 680 million access it via mobile devices. Outside of allowing brands access to such a large and diverse audience, Facebook advertising helps your brand reach people on one of the social media platforms they frequent most and leverage social influence from friends to attract people to your brand.

  • 1% of the cost of TV advertising, to reach the same amount of people
  • Advertisers can super-target their audience by age, location, gender, relationship status, interests, etc.
  • Ads can even be targeted directly to users that have visited your website or are on your email marketing list!
  • News Feed ads don’t look like ads. Most people don’t realize the difference between a post and an ad
  • Gain exposure for your page posts (as little as 3% of Facebook page posts are seen by fans without advertising)
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  • Campaign set up
  • Ad creation and demographic targeting
  • Refresh ad creative on a regular basis
  • Manage bidding & maximize use of budget
  • Send traffic directly to your website from Facebook
  • Solicit “likes” for your company Facebook page
  • Get more exposure on your Facebook posts
  • Send traffic to your email newsletter signup page, or event signup page
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