Ninja Notes 11-06-17

Ninja Notes is a bi-weekly feature showcasing the most noteworthy blog posts, tutorials, and news for creatives from around the web.

Ninja Notes 11-06-17

Ninja Notes is a bi-weekly feature showcasing the most noteworthy blog posts, tutorials, and news for creatives from around the web.

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This week’s theme is “Management and Efficiency.”

The following curated posts have been hand-picked to provide managers and small business owners with tips, tricks, and “hacks” to better manage their teams and allot their time. Leadership can be difficult but also incredibly rewarding—and the difficulty can be reduced when you have the right tricks up your sleeve.

Read on to discover how to keep your best employees, manage your work-life balance, learn a neat Gmail organizational strategy, and more.

>Three Rules For Creating Workplace Rituals To Improve Company Culture

Austin Carr at Fast Company learned more about the importance of workplace rituals and how to properly implement them into your own employee culture from SYPartners, a consulting agency known for its work with numerous Fortune 100 companies. Workplace “rituals” are short, inexpensive, and often fun team activities designed to foster bonding, socialization, and a united workforce. Whether you have a time of five or five-thousand, we think activities like these can really boost employee morale and performance.

>Myths and terms every graphic designer should know

While this piece from Lisa Smith was written for a graphic design audience, it could easily serve as a great resource for anyone thinking of hiring a graphic designer. She lists out a number of (quite accurate) myths surrounding the profession. We particularly agree with #5.

>How To Organize Your Gmail In 20 Minutes (And Keep It That Way)

When so much of our communication is conducted through email these days, it’s important to have a solid organizational strategy in place. Kayla Matthews at Dumb Little Man tackles the topic and offers a surprisingly elegant methodology. Check it out!

>How to Be a Better Manager (When Your Team Members Are All Different)

What do you do when your employees or team members all seem to be so… different from one another? This piece at The Muse from Kat Boogaard examines a managerial strategy that helps leaders embrace their team’s differences and turn them into strengths instead of “HR nightmares.”

>Work-Life Balance: How to Achieve Your Ultimate Balance Between Work and Life

Cornelius Mota touches on some very interesting work-life balance considerations that a lot of us forget to make. In this post, the author discusses how to recognize the big picture, increase efficiency for more personal time, and how to avoid overworking.

>3 Ways to Keep Good Employees

This WorkAwesome post tackles a problem that most business owners and team leaders have had to face at least once or twice in their professional lives: how do you retain your best employees? If they’re very good at what they do, they’re going to be in demand. This post discusses how to keep them on your side, not the other guy’s.

>Top 10 Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency

After learning how to keep those great employees, this is a great follow-up post to learn about how to help them be the most efficient they can at their jobs. Employee efficiency is a big subject—some HR managers spend their entire careers ironing out the different processes—but this post from Zenefits discusses a lot of the cornerstones that should be part of any leadership strategy.

>Increase office space efficiency with IoT

IoT, the “internet of things,” is a fascinating topic, particularly when coupled with office space efficiency. Do these new (and often experimental) “smart” objects really increase efficiency? The answer is yes… and no. Just like any technology, when applied correctly, technology can be a huge benefit. This post does an excellent job of examining the many benefits as well as some of the drawbacks.

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