Ninja Notes 8-29-17

Ninja Notes is a bi-weekly feature showcasing the most noteworthy blog posts, tutorials, and news for creatives from around the web.

Ninja Notes 8-29-17

Ninja Notes is a bi-weekly feature showcasing the most noteworthy blog posts, tutorials, and news for creatives from around the web.

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10 Best WooCommerce Plugins To Supercharge Your Online Shop

Onextrapixel, this well thought out post examines ten of the most useful WooCommerce plugins. WooCommerce has become the go-to plugin for many e-commerce businesses, but navigating the many add-on plugins available can be quite cumbersome. This list is a nicely compressed gathering of the leaders.

Why are more and more businesses using SaaS?

George Beall over at TheNextWeb examines an exponentially growing method of software distribution – software as a service (SaaS). In this interesting post, Beall examines some of the major reasons why SaaS is growing in popularity for business use, with some of the benefits including update frequency and affordability.

10 Simple Ways to Quickly Increase Your Online Sales

Celine Roque lays out a bunch of awesome tips for businesses looking for online sale growth. This beastly post isn’t bite-sized either, going into great detail about many of the points. These aren’t the same tired topics you’ve seen on similar lists, as the author explores interesting but less frequently discussed concepts such as the strategic use of whitespace.

Launching An App? Make App Store Optimization Your Foundation For Growth

We predict that this post will become a “hidden gem” in the Smashing Magazine archives. Penned by Aidan Sliney, the mind behind Soundwave (which was purchased by Spotify for what was no doubt a hefty sum), this must-read for anyone even curious about app development delves into the nuances of App Store optimization.

5 bad financial habits to eliminate before starting a business

Basic but solid advice from Lucas Miller, useful as a reminder for anyone starting or in the early stages of business.

Simplicity in UX (User Experience) Design

We’re big advocates of simplicity, which in terms of web development doesn’t have to ever be synonymous with “ugly.” The author of this post explains why simple, user-friendly user experiences perform better in almost every way than their pretty-but-complex counterparts.

The Psychology Of Landing Page Optimization

At Design Ninjaz, we’re often called upon to design landing pages for our clients – everything from the graphics to the copy… which is why Catrin Cooper’s post about the psychology of landing page optimization was such a great read, because she hit the nail right on the head. Of particular note is her point about buyer cost-avoidance (and how to mitigate this natural urge).

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