Ninja Notes 9-18-17

Ninja Notes is a bi-weekly feature showcasing the most noteworthy blog posts, tutorials, and news for creatives from around the web.

Ninja Notes 9-18-17

Ninja Notes is a bi-weekly feature showcasing the most noteworthy blog posts, tutorials, and news for creatives from around the web.

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This week’s theme is “Beautiful AND Fast.”

We’ll be looking at a few excellent posts that can give you inspiration on how to make your website look better and improve communication with your visitors. We’ll also take a peek at a handful of posts that show you how to speed your website up (and why it’s important that you do so).

>More Examples of Beautiful & Creative Signage

Daniel Nelson over at From Up North has put together a really stunning photo compilation of beautiful signs from around the world. Wait a second… why signs? Aren’t we here to talk about web design? The fact of the matter is, any designer worth his or her salt looks everywhere for inspiration, and “IRL” is no exception. Ideas can be found anywhere, even outside. Yes, we go outside occasionally.

>Myths and terms every graphic designer should know

While this piece from Lisa Smith was written for a graphic design audience, it could easily serve as a great resource for anyone thinking of hiring a graphic designer. She lists out a number of (quite accurate) myths surrounding the profession. We particularly agree with #5.

>Why Exceptional Digital Storytelling Beats Exceptionally Good Design

As long as we’re talking about creating beautiful, fast sites, we should also touch on the fact that the site must be functional and convey a powerful message to your target audience. Great design work is propped up by the factors that Klaris Chua discusses in this thoughtful InstantShift piece.

>Improve the Speed of Your Website with These 5 Fundamental Tricks

These tips from DesignBeep are a great starting place for anyone serious about improving the speed of their site. Discuss these points with your developer. Most of them are fairly rudimentary and should already be implemented, but there’s always a chance you’ll catch something that needs to be done.

>The average web page is 3MB. How much should we care?

Tammy Everts over at the SpeedCurve blog discusses some very interesting data. If the average web page is 3MB in size, what could you do to reduce the size of your site (and therefore be better than average)?

>A 10-Step Guide To Improving Website Loading Speed

Onextrapixel goes through a comprehensive 10-step guide in this post centered around improving your website loading speed. The tips within give you the opportunity to test your site speed to see if you’re happy with it, and if not, the rest will give you direction to either reduce bloat on your own or start a conversation with your developer.

>Typography & Thyme: the first printed herbals

This is a bit of a bonus post. Designers spend a lot of time thinking about typography. This post delves into the fascinating history of printed herbals, with commentary about the design work of the time. Like we said before, designers look for inspiration everywhere.

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