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Calta's 24/7 Fitness

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About This Project

Logo & Branding Refresh


The Client:

Calta’s 24/7 Fitness, in business for over 35 years, offers full cardio, free weights, and a boxing studio that has trained some of America’s “best” such as Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright and Jeff Lacey.


The Task:

For this project we wanted to keep their current branding but give it a fresh, updated feel to mesh with their new website and ever growing brand. We took that challenge and ran with it! With a Refresh of their logo, identity and branding strategy on all marketing materials and signage, in-store and out!


Chris is the CEO & Founder of Design Ninjaz. He is a father, husband and a tech & design addict. A Florida native who has over 20 years experience in the graphic design, printing and web design industries.

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