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Elk Grove, California

Logo Design & Branding
About This Project

The Task

Design Ninjaz created a clean, professional, and patriotic logo design & branding package that gives a feeling of pride when you see it. American. The A in the name is replaced by an icon of a star that also represents the action of a dog pinpointing a threat. The branding package included three custom logo design concepts and an identity guidebook that includes branded color palette, patterns, brand font family and photography styles.


The Client

Patriot K9 is a Odor Detection K9 Startup located in Elk Grove, California¬†focusing on Bomb Detection for any and all locations that might be a potential or high value target for terrorist attacks including Arena’s, large races (ex: California International Marathon), Stadiums, Events, Government Bldgs., Executive Protection and Airports.


Chris is the CEO & Founder of Design Ninjaz. He is a father, husband and a tech & design addict. A Florida native who has over 20 years experience in the graphic design, printing and web design industries.

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