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The Truth About Print Media in a Digital World: This Research May Surprise You…

Considering the fact that more and more advertising dollars are being spent on digital advertising every year, would it surprise you to know that not only does print media still have a place in your overall marketing strategy, but in some cases it can be more effective than digital advertising?

With print newspapers and magazines shutting their doors faster than an ice cube shop in Alaska, your shock can be forgiven.

An ideal strategy should involve both digital and print marketing materials, but if you find yourself lacking a bit in the latter department, it’s time to explore why print media works so well in the age of tablets and smartphones.

Print Media Can Be More Memorable

If building a memorable brand is important to you, this is a big one.

In addition to being physically held in one’s hand—rather than being clicked away and immediately forgotten—some forms of print media have been shown to be more memorable after a reader has consumed the material.

We live in a society where we’re exposed to so much advertising that we might as well look like the guy from A Clockwork Orange. Back in the 1970s, the average person living in a major metropolitan area was exposed to around 500 advertisements in a day.

…But here in 2017, some estimates indicate that the average person can be exposed to as many as 5,000 advertisements in a single day.

Five. Thousand.

Needless to say, being memorable is important.
The average person is exposed to as many as 5,000 ads in a single day. How memorable are you? #Branding Click To Tweet
The Canada Post sponsored a study that compared the efficacy of direct mail (that’s snail mail, folks) to display ads and email marketing campaigns. Participants in the study were measured on a number of different reactions, but perhaps the most interesting one was the recall rate of the participant—that is to say, whether or not they were able to remember the name of the company they just saw an advertisement for.

The recall rate for participants who viewed print material was 70% higher than those exposed to a digital advertisement.

That’s massive—but don’t go and delete your online presence just yet. An age-old (and sometimes hotly contested) advertising concept is the idea of effective frequency.

You’ve probably heard about it before. Theories abound, a common one being that “a person has to see an advertisement seven times before they buy a product.”

Whether or not that’s true isn’t the takeaway here—the only data that matters is the data relevant to your business—but we think it’s safe to say that more exposure is always better than less.

Want to talk to an expert at Design Ninjaz about how we can supercharge the recall rate of your brand? Tell us about yourself in 2 minutes and we’ll contact you ASAP.

Print, Print Media, Website, Web Design, Printing, Digital Advertising, Branding, Advertising, Marketing Strategy

Print Media Often Holds Attention Longer

According to a study conducted by Ziming Liu at the San Jose State University, people reading hard-copy printed material tend to have more focus on the content than someone browsing on a computer or mobile device.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Think about how you consume media. When you’re browsing online, the majority of the time you’re probably a little less committed to deeply reading. You’re probably skimming.

Now imagine yourself reading a brochure, portfolio, or some other physical media that you received from a company that you’re interested in working with (or even just somewhat interested in working with). You’d probably take a little more time to really absorb the information… even if it was just to pass the time in a waiting room.

If you have the opportunity to physically hand your customers print media, take it.

Forget the Neuroscience, What’s the Bottom Line?

A lot of hungry young startups, especially those in industries that target a younger demographic, know very well that having a strong online presence is important. It’s not just important—it’s practically mandatory.

Digital advertising offers a wealth of advantages. Your target audience can be served up new advertisements nearly instantaneously, you can geotarget prospects based on their location, and advertisements can be deeply personalized. Combine these powerful marketing features with an incredibly affordable barrier of entry and it doesn’t take long to understand why digital advertising has grown exponentially over the preceding decade.

Even with all of those amazing features, there’s still something to be said for good old ink-on-paper advertising. At the end of the day, business is about people interacting and building relationships with one another. A physical “anchor” can have a powerful, memorable effect on the strength of that relationship.

If you’d like to learn more about how Design Ninjaz can help you implement print media into your overall brand strategy, we’d love to hear from you.

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